Samsung Gear 360 Review

 Samsung Gear 360

Samsung Gear 360

I got my Samsung Gear 360 - my first 360 camera actually - around the beginning of 2017.  I've seen that there is a new version out, so just to clarify, this post is about the version of the Gear 360 that came out around the end of 2016.  

The Samsung Gear 360 was my first 360 camera and I loved it when I got it because of one thing - it could do video in 360.  However, it was never perfect... it was never even good.  Samsung designed it to only work decently well with it's Samsung S8 phone, so if you use Apple like I do, you were SOL unless you used some crazy After Effects work around, which I inevitably did.  For 360 photos, I would attach Samsung Gear to my phone using Google Street View (there is a bluetooth option for Google Street View built into the 360 camera).  Then I could take pictures and share to Facebook or my phone, all within Google Street View's app.  Honestly, it was pretty annoying, but it worked.  For video, things were much (MUCH) more difficult.  After taking the video, I would have to upload it to my iMac (if you use Windows, there's an app for all of this and it's much easier to use... but again, I'm like and use Apple), import into After Effects, and use a plugin by a company called Mettle (which has recently been bought by Adobe) to do the stitching by hand inside of AE.  It usually took an hour or so to do a simple stitch, and then another hour or so to render.  Needless to say, I only took a handful of 360 videos with the Samsung Gear 360 before I was over it.  

I have since bought a different 360 camera (see my review of the Insta360 One here) that is much easier to use, so I've actually given the Samsung 360 camera away to someone that owns a Samsung S8.  

To recap, if you don't own a Samsung S8 phone 9 or at the very least a Windows computer, don't buy this camera.  If you do own those things, it could be an okay buy, but I really don't know as I don't own either of those things!