We are a video production company stationed in Little Rock, AR

We work from concept to delivery to create high-end commercial and promotional videos that are fresh and engaging – handmade for each of our clients and designed to target their audience and achieve their video marketing goals.  Our mission is to tell great stories that capture the passion of the character and the heart of the audience.  

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We work with our clients in the very beginning to develop a video concept that will tell their story, promote their brand, and engage with their target audience.  In these conceptual stages, this is where we take your video marketing ideas and make them a reality.

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Most would mention their sweet HD & 4K capable video equipment here and leave it at that... but we want to highlight our experience and expertise on set.  Our knowledge of how to properly direct, light, and just be overly creative on set is our forte.

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We want your video marketing campaign to be successful long after we hand over your video to you - our network of insanely talented social media and internet marketers are here to make sure that the video we just painstakingly created for you gets in front of the right people.

Breakout Bar is a startup company specializing in creating all-natural protein bars and bites with no preservatives – BUT, Breakout Bar is much more than a protein bar company... they are a group of people that constantly want to be their absolute best.  In fact, the very first protein bars were created in their home kitchen out of a need to create a protein bar that was on-par with their attitude and needs.  So in creating a concept for Breakout Bar, we focused on promoting their message of constantly wanting to be the best you can be, no matter how hard the struggle.  

Clay was fired from just about every job he ever held.  And even when he tried running 3 startups, they ultimately failed too.  This is Clay's story of his tenacious determination that led him to start Rock City Digital, Little Rock's leading social media marketing company.

Mission Heights is a new community being developed in Fayetteville, Arkansas.  The goal of this video is to display the culture of the type of people likely to purchase a house in the Mission Heights community.  

Ad agency: Silverlake Design Studio

This project was a concept by the Arkansas Small Business and Technology Development Center at Henderson State University.  They wanted to highlight their clients and how they've helped their client's overcome hardships during their business startup.  

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